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Owl says what?.......who?

Random thoughts of May 8 2006.

~My brain is about to explode so if you are in the vicente you'd better watch out.
~Fruit 2 0 natural orange is a little to sour for my taste.
~Ricola is my new best friend.
~So is Ryan Watson for the dollar.
~Jeffery Slicker is a sore crazy eights player, he always calls me bitch when I lay down the "pick up" cards.
~I really want a year book but the're not so great this year, and the only picture of me in it makes me look quiet fat. Look you'll see it.
~Nick Blackwell is a bit of a douchbag.
~I am really going to miss my Marchman class a lot when they leave. ( seniors )
~Guitar hero is a pretty cool game, but leaves the player thinking they can really play guitar.
~The last two weeks of school are going to blow. I'd better get ready for it.
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